Training and Development

At Sports Education Instructors our aim is to recruit and retain exceptional staff. Our exceptional staff are the reason for our continued growth and quality delivery within schools.

We invest a lot of time in training and development via staff CPD (continued professional development), we believe our staff are the best and want them to remain the best and stay at the forefront of PE and educational changes and innovations. We spend time training and developing our staff with both internal and external CPD.

How it works

Our experienced staff offer excellent in-house training; this is mixed with training from experts in education and PE to provide a comprehensive CPD training package for staff that increases the skill base of our workforce and ensures we are delivering quality PE lessons in every lesson. We have members of our team whose job role is dedicated to ensuring the training and development of our staff by seeking out new external courses, organising external presenters at our internal staff development days and co-ordinating refresher training courses where applicable.

Staff Development Days

During your time with Sports Education Instructors, you will have the opportunity to participate in our staff development days. This is open to all staff, whether you are full-time, part-time or a casual team member. We encourage staff who may be at different schools during term and do not usually get to interact with each other to share ideas and collaborate. You will get to observe and participate in PE lessons delivered by our experienced staff, and then have the opportunity to teach your own lesson based on this principles you have learnt. This may be individually, in pairs or as part of a group.

Apprenticeships with Sports Education Instructors

Apprentices receive a robust training package as we believe that you are the future of SEI. You are our new full time staff, our innovators, our driving force within the company. We believe in our apprentices and give them the best training and opportunities to not only succeed but excel.

Take a look at our Apprenticeships page for more information. You can apply for an apprenticeship, or any other job roles, via our online application form.